Video Archive This is where the Blackdiamondtrout video archive is housed.
We specialize in small stream underwater footage.
Check out the "Holy Grail" video- 18"  Rainbows in a pre-spawn dance.
Watch the Alpha male of the pool chase all others off of his prime lie and his mate, completely unaware of bing watched.
Or, take a look at a future generation of possible Southern Steelhead in the crystal clear, Aquarium View  "Chrome Creek" Video.
4 month old Reese takes on the Forks of the Kern the earliest "Black Diamond" (for her parents anyway!) trout fishing series.
It's here! Follow the BDTS crew into California's wild and remote Tehipite Valley. Awesome scenery, great fishing, and one tough hike!
Up close and personal! See why Matt calls this his "Holy Grail" video. 18"+ Pre-spawn rainbows go about their business while being watched.
Amazing underwater footage!
Tehipite Dome Time-Lapse video
Check out one of Tehipte Valleys colorfull residents in his natural environment.